Shopping for the Christmas Season

Maynard2018It’s time for Christmas shopping to move into high gear. Make sure your Astrologer friends have the latest Quicksilver calendars. For stocking stuffers, the Pocket Astrologer and the Astrologer’s Datebook are handy to have. For those who have been especially nice, the Celestial Influences wall calendar or the Celestial Guide notebook are well-appreciated items by most astrologers.

ACS also celebrates December with a 15% sale on our most popular reports: Planetary Guide to Your Future and Skylog. Both are well-written on the subject of what is coming up in your chart, and may give you insight for the coming of 2018. Also this year, we are putting on sale the Personal Astrological Life Calendar. Presented in a loose-leaf binder, the pages offer daily horoscope readings on  life lessons and interpretations of the planetary weather. There is also space for writing your opinions and evaluations of the personal predictions.

Also for December, all of the ACS booklets are on sale for 15% off. This is our “All About Astrology” series, in which different authors focus on planets, asteroids, and chart phenomena.

And be sure to read the ACS December newsletter.

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The Gift Giving Season is here.

ACS April Newsletter

The time for gift-giving is upon us. For those who have friends just getting into Astrology, what every beginner needs is an Ephemeris. For the month of November, every ACS Ephemeris is 15% off.  For those who need a new calendar for 2018, we have in the Jim Maynard calendars, Celestial Influences (Eastern or Pacific), Astrologer’s Datebook, Celestial Guide, and Pocket Astrologer (Eastern or Pacific.)

For November, we have 15% off on these special Natal reports, which make a good gift for friends seeking self-discovery. The Magical Child Report is good for a family that has a new baby, and young parents may appreciate the study of their baby, giving the strengths and potentials of the child.  Planetary Profile gives a detailed look at a person’s natal chart, offering a complete examination of the different areas of a person’s life.  Your Astro Analysis gives an explanation of a student’s chart, and also provides an Astrology lesson at the same time. Spotlight on You offers simplified information on the basics of a natal chart, giving a person the desire to study more with additional detail.

Be sure to read the November ACS newsletter.

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2018 Maynard Calendars coming soon!

2018CIP288The 2018 Maynard calendars are expected soon. Keep an eye on our website for when they show up. We are looking forward to receiving the Celestial Influences wall calendars (both Eastern and Pacific times), the Pocket Astrologers (both Eastern and Pacific times) , the Celestial Guide spiral-bound notebook,  and the Astrologer’s Datebook.

We have a nice Halloween sale for October, with 15% off metaphysical titles such as Spirit Guides, The Palmistry Textbook, Easy Tarot Guide,  and Past Lives, Future Choices.

We have a 15% sale on reports dealing with past, present, and future. To understand your previous lifetime, we have the report Your Past Lives by Maritha Pottenger. To understand where you are going in this lifetime, we have the report Your Spiritual Path by Stephanie Clement. To understand where you are heading in the future (with a bit of humor) we have Passing Fancies, which examine transits with the help of zany aphorisms, some comical advice, and some serious advice. For a look at what the outer planets are doing in your chart, we have Your Future: Outer Planet Transits.

Starcrafts Art Galley and Giftshop has a few events planned for October. On October 14, Anne Deidre will be having a workshop on Third Eye Mastery–Awaken Your Intuitive Power. On October 21, Gloria Star will be lecturing for the Seacoast Astrological Association. On October 28, Deane Driscoll will be doing a workshop and playing card readings, as demonstrated in her book, Mystical Card Reading Handbook. Come join us at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042 for these special events.

Be sure to read about Texas Hurricanes in the October ACS Newsletter.

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Starcrafts Gallery growing


Starcrafts Gallery is filling up with new products. Aside from art work by local artists, we have taken on ceramics, jewelry, and even terrariums.

No matter where you go, there you are! This month we have a 15% sale on reports to help you determine your place in life. Astro Map Analysis places the midpoints of your chart angles and your planets over the maps of various continents to help you decide which location is best for you. (Note this report is only for good astrological matters, and you should check out other issues before making a move. If you don’t like the cold, don’t move to Montana.) One you have decided upon a location, the Relocation Profile can interpret your natal chart as if you had been born in the new location. If you are considering a career change, the Professional Profile examines your natal chart for the potentials and possibilities of a different aptitude. For concerns about health and well-being Body & Soul looks at your chart with the help of Ayruvedic medicine to comment on physical possibilities.

For books on sale in September, Astrological Discoveries offers rectification techniques through handwriting analysis. Planets on the Move helps you with relocation and determining the best spot for a move. Your Perfect Harmony gives you an understanding of Astrology with music theory. Finally, Archetypes of Astrology helps you reveal the secrets of Astrology by understanding the mythological background.

Be sure to read the September ACS newsletter to understand what foreign policy changes take place with Eris trine Saturn.

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Greetings from Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery


Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery is now open at 68a Fogg Road in Epping, NH 03042, working in tandem with Astro Computing Services at the same address. All those in the area are welcome to stop by for a browse or even some meditation on art. The hours at 12-6 on Sunday, and 10-6 Monday-Saturday.

For August, we have a 15% off sale on unusual Natal reports. Facets of You examines the various sections of your birth chart, and offers a brief look at the future. If you are curious about the role of asteroids in your chart, you might want to study Asteroid Goddesses or The Asteroid Report,  which are both filled with the information you need. If you are a woman or you have a woman in your life, you might want to get Just for Women, which gives insights as to a woman’s needs.

For a book sale, we have 15% off of titles that give an unusual look at your natal chart, such as Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, Astrology and Weight Control, Astrology for Career Success, and Astrological Alchemy.

As always, read the monthly ACS newsletter. For August it deals with the upcoming eclipse across the USA.

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Welcome to Starcrafts Giftshop and Art Gallery


The second half of the year begins with a new business venture. ACS is sharing space with Starcrafts Giftshop & Art Gallery. The store is filled with paintings, mattes, large cards, small cards, lamps, lanterns, incense, resin, candles, and a variety of ceramics. Those visiting New Hampshire are invited to stop by 68a Fogg Road in Epping. The hours of operation are Mon.-Sat. 10 am-6 pm, and Sunday 12-6 pm.

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, ACS is having a sale on Future books and reports.  Get 15% off on such books as Future Signs, Astrology for the Light Side of the Future, Easy Tarot Guide, and The Only Way to Learn about Tomorrow.

For personalized reports on what is coming up, we have have a sale on these popular items. Your Year Ahead is our Solar Return report, looking ahead from birthday to birthday. For those looking for a more focused forecast, Your Month Ahead provides Lunar Return reports for each month you want to look at. If you are interested in your Progressed chart, the Progressed Profile will examine progressions starting at the beginning of a chosen month. Finally, we offer an electronic Tarot reading in our Tarot Report. The report is available with four Tarot formats, the Celtic Cross, the Horoscope, the Future, and the Progressed spreads. Questions may be asked for three fields, General, Love, and Work.

Be sure to read the July ACS newsletter about the USA Solar Return chart.

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Grand Opening June 24

100_2996On June 24, 2017, ACS moves into a new business phase with the opening of Starcrafts LLC Gallery and  Gifts.  We are still running charts and publishing books, but our headquarters at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH 03042 is being transformed into a gallery for paintings, pottery, lamps, lanterns, and whatever crafts may come our way.

The day will start with a lecture at 10 am by Dorothy Morgan on “It’s not a crisis! It’s Saturn.” People will be encouraged to spend the afternoon with us.  The official Grand Opening time is 12:58 pm, just as Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fortune, which may offer some financial blessings to the business venture.

Free art charts will be given to people attending the Grand Opening, and there will be chart readers available to interpret the charts. There will also be Numerology and Card readers. Refreshments will be served, and we encourage people to spend the afternoon munching, studying artwork, and browsing our selection of books. Molly Sullivan will be giving a workshop on candle-making. The gallery will be open until 6 pm for the clever and the curious to come by and see our merchandise.

June is the month of Romance, and for those seeking June nuptials, we have our Romance reports on sale again. Get 15% off such helpful reports as A Time for Love, Romance Report, Compatibility Profile for Romantic Partners, Relationship Report, Rate Your Relationship, and Themes for Two.

To fit in with the theme of passion and romance, we have a few booklets on sale for 15% off as well: The Mars Booklet, The Venus Booklet, The Juno Booklet, and The Art of Chart Comparison.

If you are in New Hampshire on June 24, be sure to join us for the Grand Opening. See it with someone you love.

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An Introduction to Eris on May 20


Brigitte Helm as an Eris figure in “Metropolis” (1927)

On May 20, the Seacoast Astrological Association will be meeting at the ACS offices at 68a Fogg Road, Epping, NH. Tom Canfield will be speaking on “An Introduction to Eris: the mythology, the dwarf planet, and the Frenemy Principle.” He is the author of “Yankee Doodle Discord: A walk with planet Eris through USA history” and “Eris in Signs, Houses, and Aspects.” The lecture will begin at 10 am. Admission at the door is $10.00.

Guests are invited to stay after the lecture to browse through the ACS bookstore, to admire the art work in the new gallery, and to examine the gift items on sale.

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May matters

1Eris1Things are getting stirred up at ACS. Tom Canfield is giving his Eris lecture on May 20.  On April 15, Maria Kay Simms gave her lecture on Astrology and the Power of Eight, which is out in a new edition. We are busy selling East Joins West, which introduces Western Astrologers to Chinese Astrology.

To celebrate May and Mother’s Day, we are having 15% off on the Your Magical Child report, Compatibility Profile for Mother and Child, Compatibility Profile for Grandparent and Child, and Compatibility Profile for Other Relatives.

For 15% book sales in May, we have the Third Edition of Your Magical Child, Understanding Children through Astrology, Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain, and The Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol. 1.

Be sure to study the May ACS Newsletter for the article on “Eris and the Octaves.”


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April Specials

EJW288We finally have East Joins West, a decorative look at Chinese Astrology. For Western Astrologers who want an introduction t0 the Chinese system, this title reveals a lot about the symbolism and mythology of the Chinese Zodiac.

In April, we are emphasizing a sale on natal reports. Planetary Profile is our most in-depth report, the next best thing to a personal reading with an astrologer. Your Astro Analysis offers you a description of your personality while explaining the basics of astrology. The Sky Within is a well-written report by Steven Forrest, giving an explanation of your natal chart with the archetypes involved. Spotlight on You focuses a spotlight on the basic descriptions in your chart, offering the simplest explanations of the planets  in a beginner’s chart. Get these reports for 15AA% off for April.

It has been a year since the passing of our friend Simonne Murphy. We want to encourage people to read her works on Ceres and Pluto, as well as her astrological fairy tales, Acceptance and Friendship. We are offering her works for 15% off for April so that more people will enjoy her creativity.

Be sure to read the April ACS Newsletter.


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