Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse conjunct Pallas may focus attention on the decisions that have been made in the past, and Mercury joining the conjunction may spread the news. The eclipse semi-sextile Jupiter might arouse questions on economic issues. Sixth House matters of employment may be emphasized, with an opposition to the Scorpio Ascendant prompting people to ask “where has the money gone?” Mars square Juno might build a fire under politicians to find out what has been happening. Venus, just entering Gemini, is squaring the Midheaven, and may raise more questions about where the money is going. Meanwhile, Saturn in the Twelfth House is sextile the Midheaven, and could be hiding away all of that money made through the stock market. With Saturn trine Vesta and Ceres, as well as Neptune on the Fourth House cusp, the rationale might be,”I need to save for my family. We only have one car elevator in the house.”

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2 Responses to Solar Eclipse

  1. Simonne says:

    Ceres in 8th Cancer could mean sharing/co-operation over finances. Oh and what’s a car elevator?

    • Tom says:

      A car elevator is a device to carry an automobile to an underground garage. You would think that only Batman would have something like that, but Mitt Romney has one in his house in California.

      Ceres in the 8th house could mean sharing, but with a trine to Chiron in the Fourth House it could mean dealing with family health matters and comforting relatives.

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