Mercury trine Uranus 8-14

Mercury trine Uranus

Mercury trine Uranus


In her book Easy Astrology Guide, Maritha Pottenger writes of the Mercury-Uranus trine: “You can combine security needs with risk-taking urges and make the best of both. You are able to blend thoughts and feelings as well as adventurousness and safety-seeking. You can make an emotional contribution to groups and causes, especially forward-thinking ones. You abhor injustice and may have sympathy for the underdog. Your understanding is above average as you bring together the intellect and the emotions.”

With Uranus Rising trine Mercury in the Fifth House, it may seem to be a good news day about relationships. However, Jupiter in the Fourth House, approaching a square to Uranus may be dampening the expectations. Pluto on the Midheaven might make conditions seem rather grim. The Moon in Sagittarius square Neptune might shake up deeply held beliefs about the financial situation, and may influence those operating behind the scenes. The Sun approaching a trine to Eris may be ready to shake up things, but Mars approaching a square to Eris may keep things under control.

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