Sun conjunct Ceres 8-17

Sun conjunct Ceres

Sun conjunct Ceres


In her booklet Ceres in Signs, Houses, Aspects, Simonne Murphy writes about the Sun-Ceres conjunction: “Nurturing is part of your basic character. With harmonious aspects this is smooth and easy. Your father probably encouraged you and this is compatible with who you are. ”

With Neptune and Chiron conjunct the Ascendant and Saturn trine the Ascendant, it may be a good day for imagination, hard work, and healing activity.  The Moon is sextile Chiron, and some sensitive caring may be called for. The Sun and Ceres in the Sixth House may also emphasize the healing and nurturing that are required. Pluto on the Eleventh House cusp, and conjunct the Moon, may bring some transformations to friendships and relationships, though the Moon opposing Jupiter and squaring Uranus may bring sudden elements of contention to relationships. Fortunately, Mars  in the Fifth House is still squaring Eris, and that may ease up some of the tension. Mercury and Vesta trine the Midheaven may see some productive labors.

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