Venus quincunx Neptune 8-19

Venus quincunx Neptune

Venus quincunx Neptune

In Easy Astrology Guide, Maritha Pottenger writes of Venus challenging Neptune: “You might seek the perfect love (and be disappointed in fallible human beings), try to play the all-loving rescuer/savior to a partner (unconsciously attracting victims of various sorts), or believe you have found heaven on earth–only to wake up later disillusioned and possibly victimized by someone you put on a pedestal…Handling money realistically might also be a problem. You may be susceptible to seeing what you want to see, rather than what there is.”

Relationships may take a hit today, with Venus in the Fifth House quincunx Neptune on the Eleventh House cusp. Neptune may be fantasizing of intense friendship, while Venus wants something more serious. Saturn in the Sixth House square the Midheaven could mark an economic slowdown, possibly a threat of a work slowdown, but Juno on the Midheaven may assist in a political settlement. Communication may be frazzled (especially in regard to family) with Mercury in the Fourth House trine Eris, but Mars is still square Eris and may prevent too much angry speech from getting out. Vesta is also approaching a trine to Eris, and there could be family issues that have to be dealt with. Sun squaring the Ascendant might bring personality issues to the forefront.




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