Venus square Jupiter 8-27

Venus square Jupiter

Venus square Jupiter


In The Book of Jupiter, Marilyn Waram comments on the Venus-Jupiter square:

“Even with the harsh aspects, the person seems to have an easygoing approach to the world. The problem seems to lie in too much of a good thing. The person can be indolent, assuming that the benevolent universe will take care of everything. She can be self-indulgent, sensual to the point of hedonism and overly concerned with superficial social niceties. She may justify her behavior on the principle that she only believes in what is here, right now, and cannot be expected to worry about tomorrow or the distance future. She may focus her search for fulfillment on herself and her immediate concerns and pleasures, and feel disappointed when she continues to feel empty and unsatisfied.”

(This square will be forming a Cardinal Cross with Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. This can mark a time of upheaval and a change in initiative. People may be facing issues outside of their comfort zone, particularly in regard to financial and work matters.)

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