Sun sextile Saturn 8-30

Sun square Saturn 8-30In The Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol. 1, Marion March and Joan McEvers write about the Sun and Saturn:

Sun in the Third House: Observant, optimistic, scientific, and flexible, you may be able to make the right decisions at the right time. Frequently a good speaker and writer, you enjoy getting involved in neighborhood affairs and traveling.

Saturn in the Fifth House: Your creative expression could be hampered, unless you learn to give of yourself and help others. You usually speculate wisely and well, if you do it at all. A good teacher and disciplinarian, you may be attracted to older people, as well as those who have a serious and purposeful outlook on life. 

Sun sextile Saturn: Though nothing comes easily when Saturn is involved, this aspect often brings practical opportunities for successful endeavors as well as a concrete airing of your creative abilities.

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