Venus conjunct Saturn 9-18

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus conjunct Saturn

In The Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol. 1, Marion March and Joan McEvers write about Venus and Saturn:

“When the two most dissimilar planets in the zodiac meet, all aspects are a bit tricky. Easy going Venus does not always blend well with responsible Saturn. The pleasure-loving nature of Venus is not necessarily comfortable with Saturn’s authoritative traits. Venus wants to play, Saturn wants to work. ¬†Any Saturn/Venus contact may express as a problem with one of the parents, often the father, because of over expectation or lack of tenderness.”

(This conjunction is sextile both Pluto and Ceres. There may be a need for nurturing, but watch out for behind-the-scenes manipulation. The conjunction is also trine Chiron, and serious dealings regarding health care may be a factor.)

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