Saturn sextile Pluto 9-21

Saturn sextile Pluto

Saturn sextile Pluto

In Astrology and Weight Control, Beverly Ann Flynn writes about Saturn and Pluto:

“Intensity and discipline combine to produce maturity, responsibility and resourcefulness. When carried overboard, as can happen with the hard aspects, this person can have an overly developed sense of duty, or can feel that life is extremely hard and difficult. This is due to the fact that Saturn, especially with hard aspects, relates to karmic debt. This energy, though, can be used positively whether in hard or soft aspects if the individual chooses to use the traits of extreme discipline and responsibility to work on eliminating negative aspects of the self that are causing weight issues.”

(With Moon conjunct Eris, there may be some emotional intensity, which could lead to extra discipline and might emphasize the feeling life is extremely hard.)

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