Autumn Equinox 9-22

Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox

In Archetypes of Astrology, Ena Stanley writes about Libra, the Seventh Sign:

“The core archetypal energy of the Seventh is the art of diplomacy. But diplomacy is not the gentle art one thinks of when they hear the word. It requires that one make assessments of other’s motives and intentions. One can’t make an error of judgment when dealing with another. One must stay cool in the face of extreme adversity; becoming defensive is not in one’s best interest when they are attempting to gain control of a situation. The Seventh rules lawyers, open enemies, conflicts, and debates…and all one-to-one relationships.”

(With Moon trine Pluto and Ceres, and sextile Chiron, watch for extra nurturing and loving thoughts to the other. However, with Moon opposing Venus, there might not be too much romance.)

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