Venus trine Jupiter 9-26

Venus trine Jupiter

Venus trine Jupiter

In The Book of Jupiter, Marilyn Waram writes about Venus-Jupiter:

“An aspect between Jupiter and Venus is a message that there is an important connection between the search for the ultimate truth and physical appetites and resources. The individual with this aspect may express this by making sensual pleasures and/or money and possessions into ultimate values and expecting them to provide total fulfillment for her. She may hold them in high esteem and strive to get the best and always improve. ¬†She may feel she never gets enough, because her appetites are so expanded. Conversely, she could want her philosophies and values to be comfortable, to learn only about practical, earthy or artistic subjects and to be easygoing about her faith or religious views. She may have an internal struggle between the practical, rooted and materialistic side of her nature and the part of her which is intellectual, restless, and pursues the meaning of life.”

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