Venus square Mars 9-28

Venus square Mars

Venus square Mars

In Astrology for the Light Side of the Future, Kim Rogers-Gallagher writes about Venus-Mars:

“Fact is, regardless of the aspect, when lovely Venus touches feisty Mars, he’s much more in the mood for making love than making war. Venus rules love, but Mars rules fire and heat. This, then, is a combination that’s tailor-made for passion. So if we’re feeling especially romantic-or should I say arduous–during this transit, that’s a good thing. One of the healthiest uses for Mars energy, in fact, is Getting Physical with a consenting Other. (And if they’re also having a Venus or Mars transit, so much the better…) Don’t be afraid of the squares and oppositions between the two, either. This is one combination where a “harsh” aspect often turns out to be the one that’s action-oriented enough to start something wonderful.”

(With the Moon squaring Eris, there may be enough emotional energy to suppress any discord.)

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