Mercury in Scorpio 9-29

Mercury in Scorpio

Mercury in Scorpio

In Wit & Wisdom: Mercury in Your Chart, Maritha Pottenger writes about Mercury in Scorpio:

“Your thinking is incisive, penetrating, intuitive, shrewd, and thorough. You have good research abilities. Secrecy is an issue and you will sometimes withhold information as a means of control. You can use words to forge intimate connections and to push people away.  When you choose, you can be quite manipulative with your language. Sarcasm and double messages are among your repertoire. Your interests and curiosity lead you to look beneath the surface of life, e.g. with philosophy, archaeology, the occult, and other taboo areas. You learn best by getting to the bottom (the end) of the matter, by transforming concepts,  and by investigating life-and-death or emotionally laden topics.”

(The Moon and Juno are forming a Fixed T-square with Mercury. It may be a time for revealing marital or political secrets that need to be talked about, no matter how upsetting they are.)

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