Mercury trine Neptune 10-1

Mercury Trine Neptune

Mercury Trine Neptune


In The Only Way to Learn Astrology Vol. 1, Marion March and Joan McEvers write about Mercury-Neptune:

“Mercury’s cerebral quality is enhanced by Neptune’s ability to imagine. Neptune’s illusory quality can confuse Mercury’s clear thinking. The combination of the two planets may confer a compelling voice and the knack for expressing through role playing. Mercury best manifests Neptune’s mystical qualities through the arts…With your creative and artistic bent, you often display a talent for acting, music, journalism and speech writing. Charismatic, you have the ability to charm others from the stage or the podium; in fact you can paint pictures with words.”

(This chart may also mark a period of upheaval and discord, with Mars and the Midheaven forming a Grand Trine in Fire with Eris. However, Venus quincunx Eris and square Mars could take the edge off of any aggressive action.)

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