Sun in Sagittarius 11-21

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius

In Archetypes of Astrology, Ena Stanley writes about Sagittarius:

“The essence of this archetype is a driving force. Its fiery depths go to the belly of vital energy and its deep, rich hue is no less the color of Fire than with the Fiery dispositions of the First and Fifth Archetypes. Therefore, as with the first two Fire Archetypes, this position is one of ego development…or, the Ninth is also a development of the individualized personality–what is thought of as the self. Aries is ‘What am I?’, Leo is ‘Who am I?’ , and Sagittarius is ‘Why am I?’ ¬†As a result, the Ninth is the need to have a purpose in life, to have all of this stuff we call life mean something. It is to have the knowledge that our existence has meaning and directional purpose. The Ninth Archetype can be aptly titled: The search for the purpose of life.”

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