Venus sextile Saturn 11-23

Venus sextile Saturn

Venus sextile Saturn

In Easy Astrology Guide, Maritha Pottenger writes about Venus and Saturn:

“Partners or other people in general may contribute to your career and worldly success. You may receive financial assistance, emotional support, practical ideas. A mentor could enhance your vocational prospects. Similarly, your sense of responsibility and willingness to work will enhance your relationships. You can be quite dedicated, faithful, and helpful to a partner. You are able to be practical about people. You may contribute materially to others. Your vocation may enhance your love relations and vice-versa. Planning ahead could be one of your strengths. You probably have a respect for time and experience and are likely to do better at work and at love with maturity. You might be a late bloomer, but can certainly be successful in both the material world and in the world of love and attachments. You are apt to be reliable, sensible, dutiful, and capable.”

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