Sun square Neptune 11-24

Sun square Neptune

Sun square Neptune

In Future Signs, Maria Kay Simms writes about Sun square Neptune:

“Your Sun is your vitality and how you shine; Neptune can mean a ‘wet blanket’ of foggy confusion or mystery over why things just aren’t the way you expected them to be. In some way or another, reality may fail to measure up to your dreams these days. You could be suffering a disappointment or perhaps a health problem. Energy could be low, and you could feel inexplicably tired, unless you are artistically or idealistically inspired. ┬áThis is not a good time to push yourself physically, and you should make a point of following good health habits. It is especially important to stay away from any of the more negative forms of escape such as drinking or drugs, for they will only make matters much worse. Since you may not be thinking as clearly as usual, you should take your time in getting familiar with new people or new ideas before you trust that they are right for you.”


With the Moon in the Sixth House trine Eris in the Second House, health matters could be a major concern, and could be quite expensive. Watch out for who may be coughing in your direction.

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