Mercury conjunct Saturn 11-25

Mercury conjunct Saturn

Mercury conjunct Saturn

In Astrology: The Next Step, Maritha Pottenger writes about Mercury conjunct Saturn:

“You work best with your mind. Thinking and communicating is your forte. Curious and eager to learn more, you are best off in a field which offers a lot of variety–either something new and different to learn all the time, or new people to meet, or new places to go and see. Your interests are often varied and you may be overextended, trying to do too many things. Multiple careers are not uncommon (sequentially or even juggling two or three at one time.) Physical labor is not your style. Ideas and people offer a form for your talents. ¬†You have a facility for language and relating to others which can express in numerous fields. Possibilities range from the skilled secretary, receptionist, telephone operator to the professor, teacher (from elementary school to college), writer, lecturer, salesperson, songwriter, etc.)”

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