Mercury sextile Venus 11-27

Mercury sextile Venus

Mercury sextile Venus

In Astrology for the Light Side of the Future, Kim Rogers-Gallagher writes about Mercury-Venus:

“Venus is that lovely lady inside each of us, the tool we pull out when it’s time for us to behave in a manner that Others find pleasing. So when charm, poise, and cooperation are called for, we activate our Venus and begin smiling, nodding and chatting lightly. Mercury’s visits to this (ordinarily) lovely, elegant planet bring out all the manners we learned growing up. We suddenly become suave, accommodating, full of Pleases and Thank You’s. In short, we’re right on our polite little toes when we’ve got our Venuses on High. Now–add Mercury’s love of conversation to Venus’s Niceness, and what do you get? Poetry. Music. Sweet nothings. Purrrrrring into The Beloved’s ear. Compliments Social Niceties. Holding hands. Not a bad transit, in other words.” 

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