Sun trine Uranus 11-30

Sun trine Uranus

Sun trine Uranus

In Astrological Alchemy, Joan Negus writes about Sun-Uranus:

“You now need to be recognized as an individual, so establishing or asserting your own identity can be important. The dutiful, homebound mother might join a woman’s lib group; or the usually docile employee might start a revolution at work.  I was once told a story of a man who worked on an assembly line in an automobile factory. His job was to put the doors together. He performed this same task day after day and was just a small cog in a very large machine. One afternoon he took a handful of screws and threw them between the inner door and the outer door parts. He spent the rest of the day doing this with each door. I’m sure it made him feel as though he had placed his personal mark upon the world until customers began to complain and it was traced back to him. He had expressed his individualism, but ultimately he was fired. The point of the tale is that there are bad choices as well as acceptable ones that can satisfy your need for personal recognition, and you might want to consider the consequences before you take action on your particular decision.”

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