12-29 Sun conjunct Mercury

Sun conjunct Mercury

Sun conjunct Mercury

In Astrology: The Next Step, Maritha Pottenger writes about Sun-Mercury:

Your mind is your primary identification. You see yourself as a thinking, communicating person. Curiosity is generally strong and you are drawn to learn (and often talk) about almost anything. The intellect could be quite sharp. You may use words as a weapon and usually think on your feet. Debate and extemporaneous speeches come quite naturally to  you. A sibling or other collateral relative (aunt, uncle, cousin) could have been a role model for you. Role models can be positive or negative; we may want to be similar to that person, or we may want to be the exact opposite. If there was such a role model, the person taught you (through doing it right or through doing it wrong) about mental quickness, communications, and the ability to think logically. Whether we get the positive or negative model, the learning is there for us.”

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