Jan. 24 Mercury trine Mars

Mercury trine Mars

Mercury trine Mars

In Easy Astrology Guide, Maritha Pottenger writes about Mercury-Mars:

“You have the capacity to balance thinking and doing. You can choose when to act and when to observe. Courage and confidence support logic and rationality (and vice versa). Your energy flows easily into verbal activities. Variety is important in your life. With a strong streak of curiosity, you need mental (and other) stimulation lest you get bored. You can also get other people excited about ideas–turn them on. Change and movement are essential. You can react quickly to situations and may have good coordination (except when moving¬†too¬†fast.) Mechanical skills are possible or you might be talented with crafts. Because you can react rapidly, you may be skilled at debate or extemporaneous speaking. Verbal expression can be a favorable form of assertion.”

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