Jan. 29 Sun sextile Uranus

Sun sextile Uranus

Sun sextile Uranus

In Astrology for the Light Side of the Future, Kim Rogers-Gallagher writes about Sun-Uranus:

“Even if you’re convinced you don’t have a radical, rebellious or eccentric streak, these transits will prove you wrong. ¬†Your Uranus is where you keep all of these qualities–and when the Sun comes for a visit, you get to let the Mad Scientist in you out of the closet for a day or two…The trines and sextiles are times when you’re encouraged to be an individual, when Others smile and shake their heads in amusement at your ‘quirks.’ They’re also times of increased understanding, when flashes of insight come to you. Write them down. Regardless of the nature of the transiting aspect, you’ll probably surprise yourself at what you’ll think, do, and say now.”

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