Jan. 31 Jupiter opposing Pluto

Jupiter opposing Pluto

Jupiter opposing Pluto

In The Book of Jupiter, Marilyn Waram writes about Jupiter-Pluto:

“This is a very intense combination, and the individual will almost certainly grapple with murderous, vengeful thoughts when she is crossed too often or too flagrantly. Whether she will act out those thoughts depends on the rest of her character. Her resentful, retaliatory nature may clash with her high principles, or be expanded in importance and actually valued, which is most dangerous. Any or all of these possibilities may be projected onto others, especially the mate, in which case the positive manifestations were the initial attraction and the negative manifestations describe the subsequent issues and problems which showed up. ¬†Ideally, the person places a high value on emotional sharing, commitment, and the drive for self-mastery without going overboard. ¬†She learns to draw a firm boundary between her emotions and her values. She tolerates the vindictive part of her nature and her overwhelming emotions and learns to express them in harmless ways, such as writing or pounding pillows, or yelling at the walls.”

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