Feb. 15 Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde

Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde

Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde

In Astrology: The Next Step, Maritha Pottenger writes about Sun-Mercury:

“Your mind is a source of self-esteem; you need to feel proud of your ability to think and speak. Sometimes this expresses as a large vocabulary (or excessive pomposity); sometimes as cracking lots of jokes or making a lot of puns; or simply being the life of the party. In whatever fashion, you need to be noticed for your mind and verbal skills. Admiration for your intellect is important. The sales field is a natural one for you. Exuberant and majestic, you tend to present everything in a vibrant, exciting, larger-than-life manner. You can easily sweep others along into your enthusiasms. A natural promoter, your excitement is contagious. With excellent dramatic instincts, you can talk people into things. This does sometimes lead to exaggeration, however. You use your mind and tongue to achieve an adrenaline rush, the thrills, the ‘highs’ that mean so much to you.”

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