Feb. 18 Sun in Pisces

Feb.18In Archetypes of Astrology, Ena Stanley writes about Pisces:

“One of the things that can be safely said about a person who exhibits the characteristics of a strong Twelfth Archetype is that they don’t feel as if they fit into the mundane world. It’s not a feeling of shyness like that which inundates her other Water sisters, but rather they feel as if they are in the correct place while the rest of the world isn’t. They’re usually quite arrogant about it,  just matter of fact. My first formal astrology teacher said Pisces have one foot here and the other one over there.  She didn’t say any more about it, and didn’t need to. We all just knew what she meant. This ethereal, ephemeral quality of the Twelfth has its polarity in the Sixth, whose qualities represent a manifest pragmatism and an attention to mundane details. “



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