Feb. 23 Sun conjunct Neptune

Feb.23In Astrology: The Next Step, Maritha Pottenger writes about Sun conjunct Neptune:

“It is possible you are quite comfortable with good self-esteem, but it is also possible that you are ego-vulnerable, placing too much importance on the opinions of others. Love, admiration, approval, attention and emotional response are probably very basic needs for you. Pride may be quite marked. When you feel secure and act naturally, you often come across as magnetic, dynamic, exciting, charismatic and energetic. You have a flair for dramatics and may be drawn to the theater, promotional work, charades or other forms of ‘onstage’ activities. When overdone, you can be arrogant, grandiose and overbearing. Of course, your ‘royal’ manner is, at times, simply a cover-up for inner insecurities. When insecure, you can also ‘hide your light under a bushel’–afraid to risk exposure lest you be laughed at. Ridicule is one of the hardest things for you to cope with. Generally, you detest ‘losing’ on any level and sometimes choose not to try rather than chance not being a winner.”


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