April 20 Jupiter square Uranus


For the next four days, the Cardinal Grand Cross will be playing out like a Grand Opera. One thing to take notice of is that in charts set for Washington D.C., all of the exact square aspects between Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will all be taking place in Succedent Houses (the Second, the Fifth, the Eighth, and the Eleventh.) In traditional Astrology, Succedent Houses were less powerful than the Angular Houses, which give us the Ascendant, I.C., Descendant, and MC. With the Cardinal Grand Cross playing out in Succedent Houses, change maybe taking place, but it may not be as dramatically obvious as an Angular House event. Some reading between the lines may be necessary for understanding what is taking place. Change often comes through minor events, like the Wright brothers’ first flight or Edison’s light bulb, and then greater change can be built upon the smaller happening.

With Jupiter square Uranus, the first act of the Grand Cross may build to a dramatic encounter. Friendships and relationships could be feeling a strain because of financial commitments, with the Jupiter in the Fifth House and Pluto in the Eleventh House squared by Uranus in the Second House, and Mars approaching a square in the Eighth House. Fortunately, the Moon is still trine the Sun in Taurus, and there may be plenty of good will for the Easter holiday. Juno opposing Ceres may request that couples to go out of their comfort zones to provide needed care. With Pallas sextile Ceres and trine Juno, whatever helpful tasks can be done at this time will be the wise things to do. A little courtesy and charity may go a long way.


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