April 21 Uranus square Pluto

April21Act Two of the Cardinal Grand Cross plays out today, with power structures possibly threatened, maybe by people power or technology. Uranus in the Eighth House could upset bankers and lenders, while Pluto in the Fifth House may be feeling a disturbance in relationships. The Moon in Capricorn might play a calming role with a square to Eris and a sextile to Saturn, which could keep things on an even keel. However, the Moon is also creating a T-Square with Vesta-Ceres in Libra, and Mercury-Juno in Aries. This T-square could be a sideshow, possibly distracting from the major changes of the Grand Cross. Issues of religion and philosophy might be argued on the side. Pallas on the Ascendant, trine  Mercury-Juno and sextile Vesta-Ceres may offer the hope that the correct decisions will be made.

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