April 22 Mars square Jupiter

April22Act Three of the Grand Cross may begin with a military flair, with Mars in the Second House squaring Jupiter in the Eleventh House. The Moon in Aquarius trine the Midheaven may help soothe business matters. The Moon trine Mars and sextile Uranus could indicate an easing of tensions. Pallas in the Twelfth House will be trine Mercury-Juno and sextile Ceres-Vesta, suggesting there might be some negotiations behind the scenes to help defuse a volatile situation. The Sun sextile Neptune, and Jupiter trine Neptune could bring some spiritual-moralistic issues. However, with Neptune slipping below the horizon and squaring the Midheaven, the religious argument may not hold much weight. Saturn trine Venus and Chiron might offer stability in relationships, and traditional attitudes may offer a balm in troubled times.



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