April 23 Mars opposing Uranus

April23Now we come to the Grand Finale of the Cardinal Grand Cross. With the Moon on the Ascendant, the Fat Lady is about to sing. What will the song be? A dirge? An aria? It very well could be a patter song. Mars opposing Uranus may be a sign of nervous energy and sudden activity. Moon-Ascendant might be a calming factor, since it will be trine Mars and sextile Uranus. Venus trine Saturn could bring soothing feelings of nostalgia. Later in the day, Mercury will be entering Taurus, and will be conjunct the Sun and sextile Neptune. Some good headlines in the news? Finally, at 9:47 am will be the last exact square with the Cardinal Grand Cross, when Mars will be square Pluto. After that, the curtain comes down, and it may be time for applause or even an encore. It could be a time for evaluating all the changes experienced during the the Cardinal Grand Cross, and deciding whether it was a good time or a bad time. It could be that the final result will match Mark Twain’s comment about Richard Wagner’s music, “It’s not as bad as it sounds.”

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