May 21 Mercury sextile Eris

May21Eris on the Descendant may seem to be spoiling for a fight. It almost looks like she has shut Venus out of her own house, and Venus may have to start banging on the door to distract the discord. Mercury in the Ninth House sextile Eris may inspire some strange philosophical arguments, leading to conflicts and altercations. Ceres Retrograde is moving away from an opposition to Eris, which could mean that there will be more discordant and provocative matters being discussed. The Midheaven squaring Eris could keep the upheaval out of the business world, and a person may need to go to work in order to relax. The Moon squaring the Sun might add to the tension, and relationship issues may need to be talked about. Uranus opposing Vesta and Ceres could spark sudden events at home, though hidden from view.


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