May 23 Jupiter square Ceres

May23Business versus personal concerns may be at the forefront with Jupiter in the Tenth House squaring Ceres in the First House. The demands of your career might keep you from being nice to yourself and to others. Venus is still conjunct Eris in the Seventh House, and it may be hard to focus on dealings with others. Fortunately, the Sun sextile the Moon may ease tensions and put feelings on an even keel. Mars Rising might cause a need to blow off steam and remove tensions. Mars is squaring the Midheaven, and there might be a temptation to tell people at work what you really think of them. Saturn in the Second House in opposition to Juno in the Eighth House may serve as a reminder that you should not bite the hand that feeds you, and you also need to keep track of the money you spend on a significant other, because if there is a restriction on income there will also be a restriction on spending on the other.

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