May 24 Jupiter trine Saturn

May24Jupiter in the Eleventh House trine Saturn in the Third House  suggests a good time to increase your circle of friends, particularly with those who may be sharing your philosophy and attitudes. Uranus and the Moon are squaring Jupiter, and there could be some emotional upheaval with people whose attitudes may seem more egalitarian or just plain weird. Venus is still conjunct Eris, and discord might  take  place with those intimate partners who may be wanting to talk about repressed feelings or past problems. Juno is opposing Saturn, and marital issues may be breaking the old patterns and thought processes. Juno is also sextile Jupiter, trine Pluto, and trine the Ascendant. Making new connections and political allies may be helpful in the weeks ahead. Pluto trine the Ascendant might be a time for revealing secrets to those you can trust. Vesta and Ceres trine the Midheaven could be good for bringing family spirit and homey comfort to the workplace.

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