June 21 Summer Solstice



Remember the Cardinal Grand Cross that took place around Easter? Well, it is gone, but not forgotten. By now, each person may be aware of changes that took place, and there may still be resonances of the events that influenced us all. This may be seen at the time of the Summer Solstice, when, for a fleeting time, the Cardinal Grand Cross may make a final appearance before going off to the ephemeris graveyard.

On the morning of the Summer Solstice, the Ascendant will be at 14 Cancer, squaring Mars which has gone to 14 Libra. Pluto at 12 Capricorn opposes the Ascendant, and Uranus at 16 Aries opposes Mars. Jupiter, the last part of the Grand Cross, has moved on to 24 Cancer. The fourth factor of the Grand Cross will be missing. Jupiter, representing growth and prosperity, may no longer be inhibited by the opposition to Pluto and the squares to Mars and Uranus. This could be good for the Summer season as the economy starts to improve.

Mars, Pluto, and Uranus (along with the Ascendant at the exact time of the Solstice), may see a continuation of struggle and power issues this season. Secretive issues like NSA surveillance of the internet (Uranus/Pluto) and military matters like fighting in the Ukraine (Mars/Uranus) will continue to make news during the Summer.  There are subjects we have not heard the end of, and the Summer Solstice chart indicates which headlines will keep going.

Neptune in Pisces squaring Juno in Gemini should keep the marriage equality issue going, as religious groups keep setting the standards for what a marriage should be. However, with Pallas opposing Neptune, it may become apparent that the religious organizations are on the wrong side of history. Juno could offer up sensible reasons such as love, security, and setting up a new type of family structure. Neptune may offer ancient restrictions against abominations, which can equally be applied to shaving, shellfish, and cleaning your yard on a Sunday. The Solstice Sun trine Neptune may offer some attention to church groups, but it is up to the church groups as to whether they want to use their time in the spotlight to present a positive image or keep complaining about others.

The Moon in Aries may offer some discord as it enters into a conjunction with Eris. Some might argue that “the Mother” is the most important figure in a marriage. However, Jupiter squaring the Moon and Eris may offer a reminder that for centuries marriage was about property rights and not love. Ceres and Vesta in opposition to the Moon and Eris may offer the images of nurturing and a secure home as goals for a successful marriage. What may be needed is a new definition of what is love. Venus, planet of love, is quincunx the North Node. Venus has often been associated with the lower, physical needs of love. Perhaps the North Node can show that the definition of love can be modified so that even physical love serves a spiritual purpose. Mercury is trine the North Node, and suggests a discussion is needed on what is sacred versus profane love. With Mercury sextile the South Node, the physical nature of love may be a major part of the discussion.

Saturn is trine Chiron, and this could mark a stability and solidification of health care plans. Last year these plans were greeted derision and nay-saying, and numerous attempts were made to keep them from coming into fruition. The Summer may see the last of the fantasies fade away as people look to the new programs as being needed. There may be more stories of successful doctor visits and life-saving interventions because of the new coverage. Health care for the elderly may improve, and there could be a major paradigm shift with the realization that those who argued against the plans did not know what they were talking about.

Jupiter trine the Midheaven and Venus sextile the Midheaven could indicate major financial growth over the Summer. Yet, with Mercury Retrograde in the Twelfth House squaring the Midheaven, there may be major rumor-mongers who will keep spreading fearful stories about the economy. Even with this negativity, business improvements will continue to take place, thanks to new insurance policies and a raise in the minimum wage.


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