June 25 Mars opposing Uranus

June25Mars has returned to the scene of the Grand Cross with an opposition to Uranus.  The planets are in the Fifth-Eleventh House axis, and there could be some stress on relationships versus friendship connections. Venus, Juno, and The Moon rising in Gemini might bring greater sensitivity, particularly with the spoken word. Mars trine the Ascendant and the Moon could bring some fervent passion, and Uranus sextile the Ascendant and the Moon might bring sudden resolutions. There should still be some caution with Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. Expressions of love could be spoiled by a wrong word or even a bad inflection. Mercury Retrograde is trine the Midheaven, and it might be wise to limit conversation to career issues. Getting personal might be too unrealistic, especially with  Neptune squaring Venus, Juno, and the Moon in Gemini, which might make things a bit touchy. However, with the Sun trine Neptune, talking about dreams, fantasies, or deep spirituality may be helpful.


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