July 22 Sun in Leo

July22The Sun in Leo may start off the season with extra radiance, since it will be conjunct Jupiter, which has just made its entry into Leo. The Sun and Jupiter are meeting in the Eighth House, which may be very beneficial for financial matters. Yet, behind the radiance there could be a few dark matters to watch out for. The Moon and Juno are opposing the Ascendant, and there could be emotional and marital upheavals. Chiron and Pallas are squaring the Ascendant, and that could lead to planning difficulties and health care problems. Mercury, Venus and Pluto squaring the Midheaven might indicate disruptive ideas and secret plans that harm business prospects. Mercury opposing Pluto may bring up issues that have been long-buried. Venus trine Neptune might help matters with some romantic ideals and passionate fantasies. The Moon and Uranus are forming a Yod pointing at Saturn, and sudden events with old friends could be at the center of attention.

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