July 24 Sun conjunct Jupiter

July24The Sun conjunct Jupiter┬áin the Eighth House could signify a good day for dealing with banking and financial arrangements. Mercury in the Eighth House trine Chiron in the Third House and Saturn in the Eleventh House might make it a good time for organizing insurance policies and examining coverage, or choosing an executor of your estate. Mercury square Uranus may indicate sudden events or home losses that might make one re-evaluate one’s estate. Juno sextile Eris might bring some tension with partners over legacies, but Pallas quincunx Eris may keep down the discord through proper planning. Pallas conjunct the Midheaven may provide all the facts and figures needed for a successful business deal. The Moon conjunct Venus in the Seventh House could bring good feelings and a romantic mood, especially with the Moon and Venus trine Neptune.


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