July 25 Mars in Scorpio

July25It has been a long time coming, but Mars has finally left Libra and moved into Scorpio. Ironically, the Mars Ingress is conjunct the Eighth House cusp. Chiron is rising, and it may be a day of transformation and healing. Projects that were put off because of a lack of initiative may seem more attractive. Mercury and Saturn trine Chiron and the Ascendant may contribute to the feel-good day with some warm-fuzzy ideas and maybe some nostalgia. Juno is still sextile Eris, and the Midheaven is trine Eris, but any potential discord may be squelched by the Moon square Eris and Pallas quincunx Eris. Upheavals because of relationship problems or work problems just won’t seem that important. Mars will be square Jupiter and the Sun, and people may need to watch out for being too assertive and demanding.


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