July 26 Leo New Moon

July26The Leo New Moon  may seem promising with a conjunction to Jupiter in the Seventh House. However, Mars conjunct the Midheaven and squaring Sun-Moon-Jupiter may be a testy problem. Work considerations may interfere with the marital duties. Outside distractions may intrude upon romantic privacy. Venus opposing Pluto and the Ascendant might bring up couple problems, possibly exposing some secrets that lovers would rather keep hidden. Juno approaching a sextile to Eris and a square to Pallas could also signal problems with planning for others. Yet, Mercury square Eris and Pallas quincunx Eris may prevent major discord through communication and organization. Neptune sextile Pluto and trine Venus may help smooth over difficulties with some magical, mystical gifts. Mercury is still part of the Water Grand Trine with Chiron and Saturn, and as Mercury moves away, Venus is becoming part of the Grand Trine. It might be a good time to deal with past issues,  contact old friends, or even go antique shopping.


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