July 27 Juno sextile Eris

July27Juno sextile Eris might bring some marital and relationship problems, and the source may have to do with a conflict over values.  Juno square Pallas may question facts, interpretation of facts, and the current wisdom. Pallas quincunx Eris may help dispel discord by presenting the right facts. Eris is also conjunct the South Node, and there could be conflicts over material matters and keeping up with the neighbors. Eris is in opposition to the Node Node, and discord could be lessened by being sure about your higher values. Mercury squaring Eris might help matters with keen thoughts and soothing words. Mars  in the Eleventh House squaring Sun-Jupiter in the Eighth House could bring some  meddlesome financial advice from friends. Yet, with Ceres in opposition to Eris there may not be any upsetting financial losses.


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