July 28 Venus opposing Pluto

July28Venus in the Second House opposing Pluto in the Eighth House may present a tug-of-war between spending and acquiring debt. Venus is becoming part of the Water Grand Trine with Neptune, Chiron, and Saturn, and there may be an urge to spend money on sentimental fancies or even antiques. Yet, Pluto in Capricorn may be warning about credit card limits and bouncing checks. Pluto is sextile Neptune, Chiron, and Saturn, and there may be an appreciation of desirable items, but deep down there is the realization that they are only costly flub-dubs. Juno near the Ascendant and trine the Midheaven might try to rationalize it by saying it is intended for one’s partner, but with Pallas squaring Juno, common sense will not let that excuse fly. One might want to take heed of Mars squaring Sun-Jupiter, and realize that a desire for a flashy appearance may result in overspending.


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