July 29 Mercury sextile Pallas

July29Mercury near the Ascendant sextile Pallas may focus attention on practical ideas and the wisdom of planning ahead. It might be a good time to focus on business strategy with the Sun and Jupiter in Leo trine the Midheaven. The square between the Sun and Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio may be eased by the Moon in Virgo sextile Mars. If there are things to get excited about, then spending on practical matters might be one of them. The square between Juno and Pallas may be bringing up buried matters and demanding practical ways to deal with them. Mercury squaring Ceres and Vesta could bring a conflict between mental problem-solving and hands-on nurturing. Difficulties may be eased better if there is a more personal approach rather than just reading from a book. Mercury square Eris may prevent discord through open communication.


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