July 30 Vesta in Scorpio

July30Vesta entering Scorpio brings a dynamic change with a conjunction to Mars and a square to the Sun and Jupiter. Issues of home and security may enter into the controversy. There could be intense debate over what constitutes a secure home. Should guns be brought into the debate? The Sun and Jupiter in the Seventh House may focus home issues on appearances and looking good for others. Mercury square Ceres might argue as to whether a home is a place where you feel nurtured, while Juno trine Ceres may focus on the nurturing side of relationships. Mars and Vesta could bring up more philosophical issues, that “home” is a state of mind, and even a tent could be a home. The Moon and Pallas sextile the Midheaven may bring up spending issues and questions about whether more security can be afforded. Appearances might not be too attractive, with the Aquarius Ascendant opposing the Sun and Jupiter, and squaring Mars-Vesta.  There may be questions over style, cost, and form. Meanwhile, Venus forming the Water Grand Trine with Chiron and Saturn may bring more serious spending issues to discuss.


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