Aug. 1 Venus trine Saturn

Aug1Venus┬átrine Saturn may bring a day full of nostalgia and old family memories. It could be a good time for looking backward, or contacting relatives you haven’t spoken to in a while. Chiron forms a Grand Water Trine with Venus and Saturn, and discussing health matters might be beneficial. The Midheaven is being opposed by Mars and Vesta, and squared by Jupiter and Mercury, which suggests that business matters may have to take a back seat to personal and family issues. The Rising Sun sextile the Moon may bring soothing and welcome ideas which could be beneficial for your self-esteem. Venus square Uranus might bring sudden legal or religious matters to deal with. Yet, Juno is square Pallas, and you may need to watch out for any glad-handing friends who may be trying to put a financial bite on you.


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