Aug. 21 Mercury trine Pluto

Aug21Mercury┬átrine Pluto might provide an “AHA!” moment, as philosophical ideas are revealed to have personal significance. The brain may light up as old concepts of power and well-being are revealed. Mars, Vesta, and Ceres are sextile both Mercury and Pluto, and it is possible that hostility issues, family issues, and personal welfare issues may be cleared up. Venus and Jupiter are in the Eighth House, and they could provide some illumination on what is hidden. Uranus trine the Ascendant may offer a sudden surprise which could realign philosophical and religious thoughts. Pallas conjunct the Midheaven might offer a more practical ideal on how to handle various situations. The Moon forms a Grand Water Trine with Mars-Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. A lot of emotional baggage could be unloaded at this time, and it may require the help of friends to carry it all.


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