Aug. 23 Sun in Virgo

Aug23The Sun moving into Virgo may prompt more control in the home life and domestic issues. However, other issues are brewing in the chart which may need to be dealt with. Mars and Saturn are approaching a conjunction in Scorpio and both will be squaring Venus in Leo. Unwanted secrets could be revealed soon, and there may be a difficulty in negotiations. Fortunately, with Mercury sextile Mars-Saturn, a dialogue may still be possible. Eris is sextile the Midheaven, and that might indicate upheaval, particularly in the business sector. Fortunately, Uranus is sextile the Ascendant, and innovative work might finally get some recognition. The Moon conjunct Jupiter may offer some inspiration, but with the Moon-Jupiter square Vesta, it could be that family matters and home repair may require more attention than the world of ideas.

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