Aug. 25 Virgo New Moon

Aug25The New Moon in Virgo offers an interesting dichotomy between the planets and asteroids. Seven bodies are to be found in the first decanates (the first ten degrees) of signs, which rules physical matters. Seven bodies are to be found in the second decanates (the second ten degrees) of signs, which rules mental matters. The asteroid Vesta sits at ten degrees Scorpio, straddling the two decanates. The North Node is at 20 Libra, straddling the last two decanates. The only body, which seems to be alone and neglected in the third decanate of spiritual matters is Eris, but then she is used to being alone and neglected (for which she may take revenge later.)

The Sun and Moon conjunct in Virgo dominate the first decanate. The New Moon is sextile both Juno in Cancer and Ceres in Scorpio. This maybe a time for making new political alliances, and to reassure the public that everything is fine. Juno trine Ceres (as well as Vesta) may be seeing greater cooperation, particularly in home and family issues. The New Moon in the Eleventh House helps serve as a connector between the Ninth House and the First House, using the Eleventh House spirit of friendship to bridge the gap between ego issues and philosophical matters.

What makes the New Moon particularly interesting is that it is at the focal point of a Kite aspect. Juno and Ceres are forming a Grand Trine in Water with Neptune in Pisces. Neptune is in opposition to the New Moon in Virgo. Grand Trines represent an easy flow of elemental energy, but when there is another body in opposition to one of the Grand Trine bodies, then it forms the shape of a Kite, and the opposing body (not part of the Grand Trine) receives the main focus of energy. In this case, there is an easy flow between nurturing, partnership, and spiritual ideals, and the focus on the New Moon brings a more practical solution to the subject. In short, it may be a time to act, as opposed to talk, about what needs to be done.

Adding to the collection of first decanate bodies, Jupiter in Leo is sextile Pallas in Libra. This can be good for planning and getting the needed financial support for any projects. However, Jupiter is squaring Ceres and Vesta, and orders for work may take precedent over any domestic needs. Juno square Pallas may bring difficulties in planning, and the deal-breakers may be in the details of projects undertaken. The Jupiter-Pallas sextile forms a Yod, with both bodies quincunx Neptune. Because of the Neptune opposition to the New Moon, the Yod becomes a Boomerang. There is may be a sense of completion that the New Moon is bringing in a practical solution to what may be an important project.

In the second decanate of mental matters, Venus is the highest planet in the chart, and forming a trine to Uranus, a square to Mars and Saturn, a quincunx to Chiron and Pluto, and a semi-sextile to Mercury. Venus in Leo can be somewhat demanding, and may expect immediate results, possibly getting them with that busy trine to Uranus. Venus square Mars-Saturn may be a difference of opinion regarding financial expenditure and earning capacity. Mars in Scorpio has the intensity of its home sign, increased by the steady pace of Saturn. Venus may have different plans as to how money is to be spent, and there could be conflicts between flashy, public displays, and money spent behind the scenes. The conflict may not be too bad, with Mercury sextile Mars-Saturn, and new ideas may influence where the money is going.

Mars-Saturn are trine Chiron in Pisces, suggesting that some of the expenditures should be on health matters. Mars, Saturn, and Chiron are all trine the Midheaven at 18 Cancer. Business decisions may be the final say on how expenditures are made. This second Grand Trine in Water also has a possible Kite aspect, with Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to the Midheaven. However, there may be some debate as to whether a seven degree orb is possible for a Kite.  One might stretch it a bit since Pluto is in the second decanate.

There are other interesting Boomerang aspects in this chart. Mercury sextile Mars-Saturn is forming a Yod pointing to Uranus, which is conjunct the Descendant, causing a Boomerang to focus on the 16 Libra Ascendant. For the sake of production and sales, the packaging and display may be a major factor for success. Venus sextile the Ascendant forms a Yod pointing to Chiron, and there is a Boomerang with the opposition to Mercury in Virgo. Again, new ideas and original concepts may be a key to success.

There is also another wide Yod in the chart to be considered. Pluto is sextile Chiron, and both form a Yod to Venus in Leo.  This brings us back to the first point on spending for business matters, and what kind of spending should be done. The New Moon in Virgo would suggest a practical course of spending, and with the Eleventh House placement the money could be spread around to the masses (especially if minimum wage goes up.) Venus in Leo may take a more limited view of spending, and being in the Tenth House may focus on business spending or rewarding those in the higher echelons.

It would seem the New Moon in Virgo has greater pull, what with being at the focal point of a Kite and a Boomerang. Yet, with other boomerangs in the chart, there may be distractions from the New Moon focus. Mercury and the Libra Ascendant may try to steal the scene from the New Moon, but the bodies in the first decanate seem to have a stronger focus than the ones in the second decanate.   The New Moon could be marking a month of intense activity and a powerful desire to get ahead. It may be a time of greater efficiency and expectations of significant rewards.

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