Aug. 26 Venus square Saturn

Aug26Venus square Saturn may mark a conflict between outward passion and inward inhibition. Venus on the Ninth House cusp is trine Uranus, and there could be an element of sudden desire and immediate infatuation. However, Uranus is quincunx Saturn on the Twelfth House cusp, and there could be an arousal of guilt feelings, a restrictive conscience, and repressed subconscious memories. Adding to the difficulty is that Mars is still conjunct Saturn, and squaring Venus. There may be a demand for a lot of energy, but none of it may be romantic. Apart from passion, there may be a need for warm conversation, with the Moon and Mercury conjunct in the Ninth House, and both sextile Saturn-Mars.  It may be a time to talk about your feelings rather than act upon them, though with Chiron in opposition to Moon-Mercury, it might be best to avoid health topics.

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