Aug. 30 Venus trine Eris

Aug30Venus trine Eris could mark relationship problems as a lot of hidden buttons get pushed. Venus in Leo may be trying to make a good impression, and put up an attractive front. However, Eris in the Twelfth House may bring up the insecurities and inhibitions which could cause a person to overcompensate. Mars and Mercury quincunx Eris may bring some reassurance, and the wise advice to not listen to the voices in your head. The Moon in Scorpio might help things with a conjunction to Ceres and Vesta. It may be a good time to go out to dinner in a restaurant that deals in home cooking. Retreating to home or a home-like environment may be a way to defuse relationship problems. Uranus square the Midheaven could bring up sudden work assignments, but they might not be very satisfying. Chiron sextile the Midheaven might offer a more pleasant assignment, dealing with the needs of other people.

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